Detox to see things as they are

Dhamma Thali, Jaipur

We come perfect into this world. With each passing day, we experience something. All of these experiences leave an impression on our minds, leading to conditioning us in several ways. As we accumulate experiences, we acquire all that we have come to name anger, envy, greed, discrimination…and soon we see the world through the colored lenses of all that has gotten inside us. We fail to see things as they are. This is where internal detox is needed, just like shower is needed for external cleansing.

The technique of Vipassana, which is said to have been curated by the Buddha, helps to detox to get rid of conditioning that enters through the five senses.

The technique

So what’s the technique like? It’s super simple. All one is to use is the physical self. Sit straight with legs crossed, observe the sensations on the surface of my body, moving from the head to toe and that’s all! Yes, that’s how easy it is.

So what happens when we observe the sensations? Well, everything that settles inside us gets accumulated in the form of sensations. Here’s a quick example. One drinks tea today. One likes the taste of it. One wants to drink tea again tomorrow. Why? Because the tea was tasty? Nope. One wants to feel the sensation one felt the first time one drank tea. It is that sensation one has gotten attached to. To gain that sensation, one drinks tea again and again. So, if one gets rid of the sensation that got generated by drinking tea, one does not crave for tea. Similarly, if one gets rid of all the sensations, one will reach the level of acceptance. Acceptance of the fact that the fundamental nature of our existence is impermanence, so why latch on to any incident or experience.

At the center

Where to learn the technique from?

Where to learn the technique from? From the Vipassana center. There are centers spread across the world. The first course is a mandatory 10-day retreat. is the official website to enrol into the course. The course is priced at Rs zero. One could make a donation at the end of the retreat, but that’s an option.



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