Breathe music!

Teja playing the didgeridoo

Awareness and Equanimity form the fundamentals of a good life. A musical instrument that if helps one acquire these states is the instrument to seek for. KS Teja, a former corporate employee and promoter of an online zero waste store in Hyderabad, shares what's it like to play this almost 1500-year old humble pipe

Didgeridoo is considered as the world’s most healthiest instrument. How has playing it changed things for you?

While playing the instrument, I get in contact with deep relaxed states of mind. I hadn't known such calmness ever before. The human mind is usually in beta state - active and fearful and seeking pleasure. Playing the didgeridoo calms my mind down and takes the mind to the alpha state which is the state of high awareness.

Your mind is calm only while playing or it alters the state of mind, that is retain the alpha state for a long period of time even after you have stopped playing the music?

It works on the mind for longer. My mental focus, overall, has enhanced ever since I started playing the instrument.

How did you get introduced to the didgeridoo?

In between playing the instrument

Sometime in 2008-09, I started to take deep interest in music. I would often travel to Hampi and meet the travelling musicians. There, I also happened to listen to a band ‘Highlight Tribe’ with one of its members playing the didgeridoo. The music moved me like nothing else had in the recent times. Soon after a friend of mine gifted the instrument to me (I must have mentioned it to him).

Was it easy or difficult to learn how to play this wind instrument?

I got a hang of playing the didgeridoo right from the time I held it. Of course I practiced for two years by jamming almost everyday with the musicians.

What is the technique that the didgeridoo follows?

It follows the principle of circular breathing. We breathe all day. There is no beginning and end. The same concept of infinity is applied here through the breath. If one wants to explore where breath is generated within the body, didgeridoo helps.

I like to mention that it’s funny that I knew how to earn money, drive a car, seek a job...but did not know how to breathe! Now I know where the breath comes from and the fact that the source of life lies within me and I can connect with it anytime.

You say the didgeridoo helped you discover the source of life within you. That's a life changing discovery! Why do you still not promote it, like you promoted zero waste practices as the ex-founder of the online store Muditha Zero Waste?

True that I have not invested enough time and energy as I have in bringing about an awareness of reducing waste, but I did get ten of my friends to get a hang of playing the instrument. Maybe, I will now think of creating awareness about the didgeridoo on a wider platform.



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