Are we what we eat?

2 min readDec 24, 2022


“Food isn’t merely an act to fill a hungry stomach,” says nutritionist Sana Agarwal, founder of Purple Cabbage

Sana Agarwal

What is conscious eating?

The word explains what it is. When you know what you are eating, it is conscious eating. People these days eat unconsciously, say they eat while watching TV or eat whatever they find. They may not really know what’s on the plate, only to later realize they ate something they shouldn’t have. This happens when some health crisis crops us. Conscious eating is eating with your mind and soul focused on the food. And nowhere else.

We are what we eat. How true is that?

Consider two individuals. One eats junk food, non-veg, and also healthy food. Another one eats only healthy. Consumes herbal drink, eats fruits and vegetables, and home-cooked meals. The two individuals will be different not merely in their respective bodies but also in their way of thinking and personality.

Food isn’t merely an act to fill a hungry stomach. It affects our brain as well. The brain is the second gut of the body. If the food gives high nutrients, the brain functions differently.

One eating habit that we Indians have gotten wrong.

The way we eat fruits. The only way to eat fruits is to have them empty stomach, say in the morning or other time of the day when the stomach is empty. In the Indian context, it is usually in the evening that the stomach is empty.

There are so many theories in the market. How to choose and un-choose?

One should conduct some research before adopting a diet. Often people read a column and choose a theory. But the good idea is to read up the research papers available online. There is a scientific reason for everything. Also, sometimes it is not the theory that is incorrect; it is the fact that the theory doesn’t suit a body type. So, consider finding what strikes a chord.

What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting. It’s a fad these days.

It’s a great habit. The idea that we should eat every few hours is a myth. The body doesn’t need so much food. What it needs is rest. So, if one wants to opt for intermittent fasting, it’s a great way to begin the day. But do listen to the body. If the body demands food, do not deprive it. One must not force one to fast. It should come naturally.




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