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Yana Danilova

Yana Danilova found love in India, and a lot of garbage soon after. In the interview below, she speaks of the struggles of running a garbage management company


It’s funny as well as a thing of shame that a foreigner on the go has to take up the mantle of cleaning up an Indian city. Anastasia was in India on a spiritual quest, but when found locked in the country during the pandemic, she chose to fill her days with cleaning up the plastic-littered spaces in and around the otherwise serene Kasol in Himachal Pradesh

Luke Coutinho

Wake up with the sun, sleep with the sun, and say no to tea, coffee, alcohol, sugar, and of course ubiquitous gadgets. What for? To sleep tight and wake up light. Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach — Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine and founder of ‘YouCare -All About YOU’ gives a detailed insight into why sleeping a certain way matters and how to get there

Teja playing the didgeridoo

Awareness and Equanimity form the fundamentals of a good life. A musical instrument that if helps one acquire these states is the instrument to seek for. KS Teja, a former corporate employee and promoter of an online zero waste store in Hyderabad, shares what's it like to play this almost 1500-year old humble pipe

The bare bricks in the picture form the principle material in this newly built boutique hotel Sengal House

Says architect Saketh Singh, the founder of Play Design Studio situated at Auroville in Pondicherry. To him, all a house needs is a 'design'

Major, cycling his way through Methodist Colony

Our sense of attachment graduates to a lunatic level when money generated of voluntarily discarded waste becomes a bone of contention. Major Shiva Kiran, founder of GeoMap System, undertook the mission of converting his colony (in Hyderabad) into a zero waste space. And what happened?

Kunal and Laura with the farm produce

How to live? With a piece of earth care, lot of people care, and premise of fair share, believe Laura Christie Khanna and Kunal Khanna. The permaculturist couple who manage a food forest on a acre-land in Panchgani give us a sneak peek into the art as well as necessity of permaculture

Kavitha Mantha. In the picture, you can see her steel straw, steel bottle, and coconut bowl — all leading to a conscious life

It was a slow transition over a period of time that prompted Kavitha Mantha to adopt conscious food habits, so much so that she chose to turn it into her profession by building a food forest — the Baby Elephant Forest — along with her husband Ravi Mantha and subsequently established an organic eatery ‘Sage Farm Cafe’. We gain a quick access to her mind

Ratna clad in her naturally-dyed ikat saree

To Ratna Rao Shekar, editor of Hyderabad-based lifestyle magazine Wow! Hyderabad and author of The Purple Lotus, sustainability was not a conscious choice. Somebody who has worn handwoven fabric all her life, Ratna saw sustainability as a way of life around her. She speaks of her love for handwoven clothes and the ease of living in a house that is built of mud blocks


It’s a space that talks about conscious living. Attached is a store that houses conscious products —

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